About the Goose

People laugh when I say I’ll cook something. I don’t think this is because I’m incapable of cooking, but rather because I seem to be lacking some of the simpler skills that are required in the kitchen. “Mother Goose” was not the stay-at-home, spend-hours-in-the-kitchen kind of mum and I was definitely not a watch-and-learn “Gosling”.

Or perhaps it’s because I always seem to get into a flap when I’m supposed to cook for more than 2 people. I can toss a pretty mean salad, throw a simple pasta together, bake an okay chocolate brownie – but try to prepare all three courses at once or impress a little and it all seems to go pear-shaped.

So I’m hoping that with a little help from some of the world’s best chefs (or rather, their recipe books), I can transform myself from a flapping flop to a gourmet goose.

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