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I Wish I Had …


February 3, 2011 Cooking Equipment 6 Comments

Once a month I’m going to feature a piece of kitchen equipment that I’m longing for (okay, drooling for).
So, this month I wish I had …

An Earthfire Pizza Oven

Available from Yuppiechef (one of my favourite websites), for the bargain price of only R2,150 (hence the saving up), they had the following to say about this little beauty:

“Make authentic wood-fired pizza’s in your own home, quickly and easily. Even an Italian will agree! This oven was designed first and foremost to make the best pizza this side of Napoli, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile. The bottom half of the oven used with the stainless grid is a handy portable braai, pop on the lid to turn it into a kette BBQ or a smoker.”

I love that one can use charcoal or wood, and that it converts into a makeshift Smokey Joe, so braai-ing for 2 just got a lot easier! One piece of equipment, multiple uses. Now if I could just make pizza dough …

Get it at Yuppiechef, of course. See: Earthfire Pizza Oven
Email me for my physical address :)

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