My very first blog post and the blank page (monitor, if you must quibble) is quite daunting. So I had thought I would start off with an introduction about who I am and why I’m starting yet another foodie blog (stifle your sighs and wait for it – I do have a different approach). There are hundreds of blogs out there with recipes galore to choose from, but as a newbie I am very aware that any online recipe should come with a disclaimer for the novice (should probably read useless) chef like myself, which would go something like this:

[blockquote]”Right, before you start, Goose (yes you, the moron who just searched online to find out how to poach eggs), please be advised that you may burn your shiniest, as yet un-used Jamie Oliver endorsed Tefal pot (which you spent way too much money on, given just how useless you are in the kitchen) to a blackened smudge while attempting this simplest of tasks, if you get distracted and walk away from the stove. Assuming that doesn’t happen, and you follow these steps perfectly, you may still end up with rubbery or slimy eggs in a puddle of water which tastes distinctly like vinegar.”[/blockquote]

So, what I’m proposing to do with this blog is document my forays in the kitchen and provide recipes that won’t fail to other newbies who may be struggling in the kitchen as much as I always have. You’ll know they don’t fail, because I’ll have managed to pull them off. And believe me, if I can, you can.

I’m also going to feature some of my favourite restaurants, snazzy cooking utensils I come across in magazines and online, and tips for newbies (that’s assuming I pick up any along the way).


  • Barbie
    January 23, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    I am looking forward to following your kitchen adventures. I remember my first attempts at cooking and I was lucky to have had a mother who was a good cook. All my life I have loved cooking and food and preparing it as well, so I hope through this journey you too will love it!!

  • Kristen
    January 25, 2011 at 9:01 am

    I am so excited for this wonderful platform! I love food and learning to cook it right and super yummy! Well done for making it happen, you ar an inspiration 🙂


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